Payments are Tax Deductible!

Riff (in front) was part of our program, and his new family brought their existing family member, Brody, to meet Riff on neutral territory, and they also boarded Brody with us for 3 days so that Brody and Riff could get to know each other (bonding) before going home together!  It worked beautifully!

Jan-May-$600 ($20/night)

Off-Season for boarding
Jun-Dec-$750 ($25/night)

Busy Season for boarding

Due to being open to the public year round, we can offer a significant discounted rate based on the time of year.  Our normal monthly rate for boarding is $45/night or $1,350/month.  We always require payment on or before the first day of boarding from all rescue groups, pro-rated based on day of arrival.  Additional months are then due on the first of each month.  

Other services NOT included in the above rates:

Off Premises Leash Walking

Medium Level Behavior Issues that require one-on-one training

Full Service Grooming (see Grooming for rates)

Rescued Dog Socialized Boarding Program

3 Day Integration Package
$105 per dog

Daily Activities

~A truly cage-free environment.

~Daily pack socialization with trained staff, teaching boundaries & limitations as needed.

~Swimming pool-our above ground, 4-foot deep pool is a very popular activity at camp!  We always have a human overseeing the dogs at all times, and only allow a maximum of 5 dogs swimming together at any one time for safety purposes.

~Mental stimulation games such as fetch, treat hide and search, monitored play with other dogs.

~Sleeps in shared room (climate controlled) with other dogs (home-like environment) on futon beds      and cozy blankets.

~Kiddie pools to play in and keep cool.

~Cool patios for chilling out and taking a nap.

~One Camp Bath per month.

~All dogs are fed in individual kennels for safety twice daily.

~Top quality food (All Stages or Grain Free if needed for allergy problems) is served with a home made fish soup made for dogs.

Special Discounted Monthly Rates for Rescue Groups Only!

Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.​

Our experience shows that providing a bonding period for the new dog and existing pack members in a family ensures a more successful integration in to the new home environment and should be strongly encouraged by each Rescue Group when discussing adoption with interested parties. 

Invite your new adopters to bring their current furkids to us for proper introduction in a neutral environment, and leave them for 3 days of fun and socialization with their new packmate! A great way to integrate the newly adopted pack member before they go to their new home!

​We have partnered with Doggy Hydeaway Rescue Rehab, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, to allow your generous donations to be tax deductible!

Click on the Donate button above and you will be directed to Paypal's secure server.  Please specify which puppy, family, or rescue group you are donating to.  Your receipt can be used as documentation for your tax write-off, so be sure to save it or print it out!

Donations welcome from the general public as well!  Your donations will help us improve our system, and our facility, as well as give a loving family who can't afford training for their pup, but has the desire, time, and dedication to carry on the training and love required to maintain a balanced dog.
Thank you for your continued support!

Grooming pics

Providing rescued dogs a chance to de-compress from being in a shelter environment, as well as maintaining proper social skills with dogs and humans so that they are more easily adoptable. Our professional staff is well trained in dog behavior and how to manage a pack through proper leadership. We provide constant supervision, a clean and sanitary environment, and a 1 acre playground for the dogs to run, play and relax in a backyard environment. They will be exposed to new dogs each day that come for boarding or day camp, which helps them learn how to be around many types of dogs, as well as boosting their own confidence.