Jan-May-$900/month ($30/night)Off-Season for boarding
Jun-Dec-$1,050/month ($35/night)

Busy Season for boarding

Due to being open to the public year-round, we can offer a significant discounted rate based on the time of year.  Our normal overnight rate for the public is $61/night.  Our discounted monthly rate for the public is $50/night or $1,500/month. 

Our rescue rates are significantly lower because we understand as a non-profit organization, your funding is stretched very thin due to the number of dogs in your care.​ We support your cause and we know how difficult it is to find a good boarding facility that is more like a home environment than a kennel-type environment is, with people who have worked with dog behavior for over 12+ years.

Other services NOT included in the above rates:

  • In-home integration with our trainer into a new adopter's home
  • Off Premises Leash Walking (Should be done at the new adopter's home with the family)
  • Medium Level Behavior Issues that require one-on-one training
  • Full-Service Grooming (see Grooming for rates)

Rescued Dog Socialized Boarding Program

Daily Activities

  • A truly kennel-free/pack environment.
  • Daily pack socialization with trained staff, teaching boundaries & limitations as needed.
  • Swimming pool-our above ground, 4-foot-deep pool is a very popular activity at camp!  We always have a human overseeing the dogs at all times, and only allow a maximum of 5 dogs swimming together at any one time for safety purposes.
  • Mental stimulation games such as fetch, treat hide and search, monitored play with other dogs.
  • Sleeps in shared room (climate controlled) with other dogs (home-like environment) on futon beds and cozy blankets, unless we feel it's best the dog be slept separate in its own room. This will be determined once we have worked with the dog and see how he/she does with the other dogs in the pack.  Safety first!
  • Kiddie pools to play in and keep cool.
  • Cool patios for chilling out and taking a nap.
  • One Camp Bath per month.
  • All dogs are fed in individual kennels for safety twice daily.
  • We provide a homemade chicken, beef liver, or tuna soup made with steamed rice, spinach and carrots specifically bland for dogs, or a high-quality canned food, used as a topper on the kibble provided by the rescue or owner.

Special Discounted Monthly Rates for Rescue Groups Only!

​We have partnered with Doggy Hydeaway Rescue Rehab, Inc., a 501C3 non-profit organization, to allow your generous donations to be tax deductible! 

EIN #46-2608049

Click on the Donate button above and you will be directed to Paypal's secure server.  Please specify which dog, family, or rescue group you are donating to.  Your receipt can be used as documentation for your tax write-off, so be sure to save it or print it out!

Donations welcome from the general public as well!  Your donations will help us improve our system, and our facility, as well as give a loving family who can't afford training for their pup, but has the desire, time, and dedication to carry on the training and love required to maintain a balanced dog.
Thank you for your continued support!

Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.​

Payments are Tax Deductible!

Our Mission

FROM SHELTER TO A NEW HOME can be a very difficult transition for dogs than most humans think.  Many dogs have been found as a stray, living on the streets and learning to survive, or they have been saved from a hoarding situation, or an illegal backyard breeding operation where they were severely mistreated and/or neglected.  Other dogs are in the shelter due to unforeseen circumstances such as their family had to move and dogs are not allowed in the new home, or they are victims of a divorce, or being abused by their owners.  Then there are the senior dogs who have been surrendered to the shelter just because they are old and their family doesn’t want to deal with them in their old age, or the dog has severe health issues resulting in astronomical vet bills which the family cannot afford to pay, so the laws state they must surrender their senior dog if they cannot pay the bills.  Regardless of why the dog ended up in a shelter, it is comparable to a human going to prison, then being released and expected to feel normal and safe right away.

We have worked for 12 years now, helping to bridge this gap of transition to a new home.  Some dogs handle it well, but many dogs take months to truly feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings. Our facility, that was established in 2005 in Valley Center CA, is comparable to a one-acre dog park with experienced dog handlers managing a pack of dogs for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We have an extensive background working with the most severe behavior issues. Our deep understanding of what is needed to help a dog feel safe, learn good social skills with people and other dogs, gives us the knowledge required to truly understand what each dog needs to become more balanced and just be a dog again.

Our Non-Profit funding helps us to carry out the above-mentioned work by financially supporting costs such as training, long term boarding, supplementing our fees for rescue groups who are always tight on funding, as well as educating the new adopters of the dogs we work with through in-home visits and integration with their existing pets, showing the entire family how to respond to their new dog who came from a bad background.