Basic Obedience Refresher Course - $100 per session (3 sessions recommended)

Your dog must have already been trained in Basic Obedience to use this Add-On. Includes putting your dog through the training process and refreshing the commands he/she has already been taught.  The best way to maintain training techniques is to continue the training at home on a regular basis.  Also using the commands in everyday life.

Fetch - $30 per One-Hour session

Many dogs love to play fetch.  But oftentimes they are not also taught to release the ball or to bring it back.  We will work with your dog on recall and "drop it" during their one-on-one session.

Agility Course - $30 per One-Hour session

This is a wonderful way to physically and mentally challenge your dog.  Our agility course includes a tunnel, a tire jump, a hurdle jump, a weave pole system, and an A-frame.  We will put your dog through the paces of learning this system, using treats as a reward and motivator.  Our goal will be to hopefully get your dog to learn each piece of equipment, but we will not be focusing on speed.  If your dog is good at the agility course and we feel that pushing them to learn the pattern at a faster speed, we will continue to help your dog improve. Not all dogs will take to this type of training, but we will give it a try to the best of our ability!

Loose Leash Walking - $30 per One-Hour session

This will be done inside our facility for safety purposes.  We know that many dogs are difficult to walk on leash.  We can offer working with them through positive reinforcement and using treats (if your dog is treat-motivated) to reinforce good behavior.  Our goal is to help your dog learn to not pull on the leash, and to walk by your side without tension, and respecting you as their leader.  This training requires you, the owner, to follow through at home as well.

We must have at least 48 hours' notice when scheduling Enrichment Services.  You can schedule a month in advance.  We will add your request to your existing boarding or day camp reservation. 

You can schedule different Enrichment Services or the same service each time. 

We will focus on one Enrichment Service per session only. 

Enrichment Services

(Included with boarding or day camp reservations only)

Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.​

In an effort to enrich your dog's experience at Two Paws Up, we are adding some enrichment activities that will include a one-on-one session with a trained dog handler while they are either boarding with us or are here for day camp.  We want to be a part of enriching your dogs’ lives, and we do understand that some dogs need more than just physical exercise to feel balanced and content. In order to make sure your dog gets the one-on-one time we are promising, we will be charging a small fee that will help cover this one-on-one service, assuring that we are not taking any employee away from the yard to do training and enrichment activities so that the session is not disrupted. See below for ENRICHMENT RATES.

In zoos and aquariums across the world, a large part of animal caretaking is the idea of providing captive animals with “enrichment”.  Animal enrichment, defined, is “the process of providing captive animals with some form of stimulation in order to encourage natural behaviors, which helps to improve or maintain their physical and mental health”. Why should this only apply to zoo animals and not the animals that live within our homes (or daycare/boarding, in our case)?  

Research shows that animals involved in environmental enrichment programs show an increase in positive behaviors, a decrease in stress, which then results in a better ability to cope with challenges in a more appropriate way. (Young, 2013, p. 2) 

What this means is that some behavioral challenges that your dog may be facing in daycare (and out) can be mitigated by having a more balanced and varied day. Possibly adding these enrichment services to your dog's stay with us (boarding or day camp) may have positive results, but you also need to be the leader in your household. This keeps dogs happy, staff happy, and of course YOU, the owner, happy as well. While a tired dog is a happy dog, we can’t just rely on dogs exhausting themselves through physical exertion. We want a dog that is calm, content, and fulfilled as opposed to drained. 

We know that every dog is different, and therefore not every activity or group of dogs is a best fit for everyone. Our trainer, Donny, will be working with the employees who are interested in being part of our enrichment program.  This training will include how to tailor different activities for different dogs, and to accommodate how they learn based on the dogs’ preferences. Therefore, our program is designed to be flexible and adaptive to suit most of our furry clientele.

Enrichment Services/Rates