Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.‚Äč

The Soft Chews and Pet Spray are NOT for human consumption.

The tinctures (30ml and 60ml bottles) are all HUMAN and DOG grade.  We only carry the natural flavor, but if you would like us to order you a flavored oil, please visit the KoiCBD.com website to see the other products they carry.  We would be happy to order what you need. 

To place an order for products that are not shown above, please email us at twopawsuphappycamp@gmail.com

or call the office at 760-749-4022.

Please keep in mind that the oils/tinctures we carry in the office are designed to be used orally and are NOT to be used for vaping.

We are very excited to be able to offer CBD products at our facility! 

Koi CBD is a very reputable company with high quality products.

100% natural, No artificial flavorings, Only the bare essentials
Active Cannabinoids: CBD, CBDV, & CBG.

We carry the following products that you can purchase and pick up at the office:

Koi CBD Products

‚ÄčNaturally Occurring Cannabidiol for Dogs and Humans

Koi CBD Prices
Soft Chews$29.99
Pet Spray$59.99
500mg-30ml bottle$29.99
1,000mg-30ml bottle$99.99
1,500mg-60ml bottle$129.99
3,000mg-60ml bottle$219.99