Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.​

Animal Care  in Valley Center

Compassion, Dedication & Experience

​To use GINGR on your cell phone:
1. Download app called GINGR for Pet Parents
2. Open app, click on "Add a Facility"
3. Use Invite Code 953071
4. Log in with your email and password​

​To use GINGR on your laptop or desktop:
1. Click link in the red button below

​2. Log in with email and password

Proper exercise, combined with obedience and socialization, as well as strong leadership, give your dog the confidence to be well-balanced and happy.  Our trainer can provide Obedience and/or Behavior Modification based on your specific needs...More

We are a fully socialized day and overnight camp for dogs. Your dog is free to romp and explore, swim, lay in the sun, or take a nap with other friendly dogs in a safe, clean and supervised environment... More

What makes us different?  At Two Paws Up Happy Camp for Dogs, we combine our compassion and love for all animals, our dedication to caring for your pets as if they were our own, and our combined years of experience into a safe, fun place for your dogs to come when you are away from home.​ Created from a dog's perspective! 

At Two Paws Up Happy Camp for Dogs, we take pride in the fact that caring for your pets isn't just a job, it's our passion!


Reservation System*

*​​​​​Do not use unless your dog(s) have already passed our temperament test and you have filled out our

 customer information sheet/contract/vet release form

We will enter your information the first time, which triggers an automated registration email to be sent to you from GINGR.  You can then log in by following the instructions in the registration email.

ALSO, Two Paws Up uses QuickBooks for all bookkeeping and invoicing, so please disregard the dollar amounts shown on your account through GINGR as we do not have the ability to disable this part of the program.

If you are an EXISTING CUSTOMER, please see instructions below:

Our amazing groomer is on-site and ready to provide your dogs with all of their grooming needs.  Dogs come home from boarding clean and happy.  Attention to detail and customer satisfaction are very important! ...More