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Home Consultation- $300 (additional follow-up sessions may be required)

Behavior specialist comes to client's home to address issues in their environment.  This is typically a good first step for people struggling with more minor issues at home- client dealing with these issues usually doesn't need the depth/amount of information that a day evaluation gives.  Behaviorist will determine if issues are minor on initial phone consultation and go from there.  Up to 3 hours long.

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​Initial Phone Consultation

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State of Mind Dog Psychology

Nick Martinez, Behavior Specialist

Nick's Philosophy...bringing a dog back to a balanced and natural state of mind through the understanding of dog psychologyalong with providing assertive, yet calm, leadership. Many dog "issues" stem from the environment they are given and conditioning by the humans they live with. People are limited in truly understanding the reason for a dog's behavior. Most of us have a misguided idea that we know the way dogs think and feel by projecting our emotions and intellect on their behavior. Frequently our perception is wrong and in reality it's the exact opposite of how dogs operate. People lack the knowledge of who their dog really is from the dogs perspective and see them only through human psychology.

The beauty of dogs is that they live in the moment every single day which makes them react out of instinct vs. intellect. It also makes dogs unconditional in everything they do. Many people don't realize that they communicate or project their emotions of anxiety, fear, depression, guilt, sadness, overexcitement, etc. on to their dogs. Whether this is done directly or indirectly, this is when many issues start to arise. We then see the dog developed insecurity, fear, anxiety, dominance or aggression issues themselves. That's where I come in and help people better understand who their dog is as an individual, how to fulfill their needs and how to communicate through a much more balanced way of being. I teach the importance of knowing when to be a calm-assertive leader and the proper time to share affection, play and joy. These points are immensely important when creating a balanced, heathy and strong bond with your dog. That's the way you'll gain their trust, respect and loyalty as well.

The easiest thing for people to do is "love" their dog(s) by sharing affection, treats, and toys yet none of these really fulfill who your dog is as an animal or as a canine. It is important we learn how to be in the moment with our dogs, fulfilling their individual needs everyday and learning to let go and set aside our own personal needs and emotions when we are with them. That's the genuine definition of love for our dog(s) and how we show our dogs, in a language they can understand, that we truly love them. 


Please fill out our Initial Request  Form below and we will  respond within 48 hours to set up your Phone Consultation.  Be specific please...

Initial Phone Consultation- $50 (must be paid in advance)

Our first step is always to discuss each client's issues and concerns about their dog(s), and allow the client to ask questions as well.  This important step will help Nick determine what is needed to give each client what is necessary to help their particular situation, i.e., home consult or evaluation.  Each Phone Consultation can be up to 45 min long, so please let us know the best time to set up the call so you will not be rushed or interrupted.

Nick Martinez is a dog behaviorist that is wise beyond his years, with an innate understanding that transcends the species. Along with over 7 years of professional experience helping hundreds of dogs, he has a very natural ability to understand and communicate with all dogs, regardless of their issues. After adopting his own personal dog, Murphy, and working with him one-on-one, he knew he could help other people better understand their dogs as well. He is calm-assertive, fearless, strong minded and optimistic. These traits play a huge roll in keeping dogs calm, balanced and help them over come the "issues" they present him with. 

Nick is compassionate and empathetic with canines as well as humans. He understands the special and powerful bond between dogs and their humans and does all he can to strengthen it through education and understanding. He's an open hearted person and uses this energy to better understand clients and their relationships with their dogs. He helps people discover how their dog sees them and helps them learn how to be better leaders for their beloved dog(s). Nick's motto is, "there's no such thing as impossible, there's always a way to bring balance and healing to any dog". 

Rates & Services

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Follow-Up Phone Sessions or Additional Home Sessions (if needed)

Often times, a customer's issues can be dealt with during the Day Evaluation or the Home Consultation.  If Nick feels that your particular case may require further phone follow-up consultations, or additional home consultations, this will be discussed at length when he meets with you the first time.  Our goal is to always be available when potential new issues arise that you are uncertain how to deal with, or if you just need a little refresher on what was taught during the first session.  Your success is our success...


Payment of Initial Phone Consultation* must  be paid prior to our Behaviorist contacting you. Please pick the option from the drop down menu to make your payment below through our Paypal secure server...

Day Evaluation (includes video) - $350

What to expect: 

1)  Client brings their dog in the morning to behavior specialist's location.  Client and behavior specialist talk for 20-30 min.

2)  Client leaves their dog with behavior specialist for anywhere from 3-6 hours (amount of time will be determined shortly after client's dog arrives- every situation is different and every dog/human needs something different).  It is best that the client doesn't have too much going on the day of evaluation so they are able to be in contact/spend time with behavior specialist without being rushed.  We know this can be hard for some people with very busy lives, so details will be ironed out with behavior specialist during initial phone consultation.

3)  During dog's time alone with behavior specialist, he/she will be evaluated in different situations (with many different dogs, people, on walks, etc.) that owner has been struggling with.  Behavior specialist will be taking anywhere from 25-40 minutes of video (see example of video below) for client to have for unlimited review for the entire family.  Footage will be very specific for exactly what each client needs to see/hear.  Video footage will contain information on who your dog truly is and where their issues are coming from (example is if dog is being aggressive in different situations it's always the result of something else that's going on emotionally, instinctually or genetically with the dog and/or things that are missing or aren't happening (that need to start happening) in the relationship/environment).  One evaluation makes everything 100% clearer and gives client a great understanding of their dog's psychology and what their dog needs from them to live a more balanced, safe and fulfilled life.  Video will contain what to look for and what to do with your dog when certain things are happening- this will also be talked about much more in person when client picks their dog up.

4)  Client comes to pick their dog up and spends 1-2 hours with behavior specialist going over everything that needs to be talked about.  Client will also learn everything about the walk and how to do it the right way- will also learn about why it's so important it's done the right way.   Client will feel much more confident and clear about what to do going home.

5)  Behavior specialist determines what the next best/necessary steps are for client and dog (follow up phone consultations, home consultation, another meeting with behavior specialist at his location, etc.).  Sometimes clients are already much more confident and very happy with just Initial phone call and evaluation/videos.  Behaviorist will  give his professional opinion on what he feels is best for them and their situation, but it is always up to them on what they want to do going forward.  

Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.​