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*Price may increase due to minor behavior issues

needing to be addressed, resulting in a longer stay.

Consult Trainer.

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Like most humans, I've always loved dogs and have owned at least one most of my life.  Also, like most humans, I had no idea that there was a difference between what we, as humans, do to and for our dogs that serve our human needs versus what we humans should do to and for our dogs that provide what our dogs truly need to be balanced and happy.

Since I began working at Two Paws Up over 2 years ago, that difference has undoubtedly been clarified time and time again by simply observing the dogs in our care as a pack, which is their natural environment.  I have also had great human leaders who were able to point out and explain both subtle and obvious dog body language, providing me with the deep understanding of our role as the pack leader in our cage-free environment.  I learned how to allow the dogs to work things out on their own, and when to step in as necessary to teach dogs their limitations in any situation.

It satisfies me greatly to have the opportunity to help and teach each new puppy we train the basics of how to grow in to a well-behaved, respectful and well-socialized dog, as well as helping and teaching their new furever family how to maintain the training to achieve continued success as their puppy grows in to an amazing adult.  

Our Mission...

Providing rescue puppies with the proper training and guidance required to instill good manners early in life; both in the home and out in public.  Many puppies are adopted through rescue organizations or shelters, but, once adopted, are never given the proper guidance from an early age, resulting in many failed adoptions.  As the adorable puppy matures, they develop bad habits through lack of socialization, not providing boundaries and limitations in the home, lack of proper exercise and stimulation for both the body and the mind, as well as a daily structured routine.  Through no fault of their own, the puppy is now being misunderstood by their human owners, whereby creating frustration because the humans have not taken the time to give their puppy what it needs to be a balance adult dog.  Our goal is to help minimize the failed adoption rate, and help the rescue organizations by lessening the return of dogs to their organization due to unwanted behaviors that could have been avoided, as well as helping the owners learn how to give their puppy what it needs to get a head start in life.

want to help a family member, friend, or rescue group pay for training?

~Potty Training~

~Crate Training~

~Boundaries & Limitations in home~

~Body De-sensitization~
(helps vet & grooming visits)

~Obedience Training~

~Pack Socialization~

~Leash Walking~

~Interaction with Public~
(public events, stores, city streets, etc.)

~Minor behavior issues - Consult trainer~

(May require additional costs due to extra training required for

existing behavior issues)


*Program Duration:  3 Months

(may be longer due to minor behavior issues)


Basic Obedience - $600
Head Start Training - $750
Public Experience Training - $750
In-Home Consultation - $125

(Required once training is completed)

Boarding - Included

$2,225 VALUE
continued success depends on you!

Results may vary depending on breed & temperament of each dog.  Continual follow-thru & reinforcement of training is crucial to the future outcome and success throughout the dog's life.  You and your family must be prepared to provide a long term commitment for the life of the dog (average of 12-16 years).  Should you find, for some reason, that you cannot keep the dog, we require you contact us first before re-homing or relinquishing the dog to a shelter.  See Commitment Contract for details.

We highly recommend regular socialization with other dogs, such as a day camp facility with a well-trained staff, or social outings with neighbor dogs in a controlled atmosphere.  Dog Parks can be unpredictable due to having no control over the humans who may bring a dog that is not vaccinated, or can be somewhat aggressive.  Finding a safe outlet for your dog is extremely important, and experiencing play time with new dogs or dogs they do not live with will keep them from becoming anti-social.

Our program, once completed, will provide the foundation required for Canine Good Citizen Preparation.

Want a puppy but lack the time and/or patience required to go through the puppy's first stages?

Two Paws Up is here to help!

Our years of experience, deep understanding of dog behavior, built-in pack for socialization, and daily dedication, provide the perfect atmosphere to give a young pup a head start in this world.

Space is limited!  In order to provide quality of service, we only take a small number of puppies at one can put your name on a list, and we require a non-refundable deposit of $300 to show you are serious about our program.  Once your puppy of choice is in our program, the deposit will be applied towards the balance due.


Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.​

Puppy Head Start Program

​We have partnered with Doggy Hydeaway Rescue Rehab, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, to allow your generous donations to be tax deductible!

Click on the Donate button above and you will be directed to Paypal's secure server.  Please specify which puppy, family, or rescue group you are donating to.  Your receipt can be used as documentation for your tax write-off, so be sure to save it or print it out!

Donations welcome from the general public as well!  Your donations will help us improve our system, and our facility, as well as give a loving family who can't afford training for their pup, but has the desire, time, and dedication to carry on the training and love required to maintain a balanced dog.

Thank you for your continued support!

1/25/2018 - Tomorrow, Thursday, it has been three weeks that Filou has arrived and I don’t know where to begin to thank Lindsay, Donny and you for all the wonderful support and training you have given him (and us as well) in order to become such a well behaved puppy. It’s just amazing how he responds to commands like leave it, heal, sit and stay. Of course,  we still have a way to go, but he is well on his path to become a truly good canine citizen.

Your head start program for puppies is worth every penny. The way he walks next to us without pulling is a dream come true, honestly. And when we meet friends on our walks - with our without dogs, he sits and reacts very politely, sometimes a little skittish, but he is getting more comfortable at that as well. He loves meeting the other dogs and respects them.
Again our sincere and heartfelt thanks: Life is good again; especially also knowing that sweet Loompie  has been adopted by her hero Donny to whom we are eternally grateful.

I think I mentioned it to you, but it deserves repeating: Life for us is bright and full of sunshine again.
Love to you all, you are a wonderful and passionate team who truly understand and read ‘man and his best friend'.
Monika and Pat

​PS...I totally forgot to mention how grateful I am that I can contact you anytime I have a question or if there is an occurrence with Filou when I am not sure if I can handle the situation correctly. To me this is so re-assuring and it’s taking away my insecurity how to make it happen that Filou truly feels at home with us.


We take our adoption process very seriously and will only adopt our dogs/puppies out to truly dedicated individuals or families with the proper means to care for their animals.  Read and fill out the application carefully, and be honest please.  Our rescued dogs deserve a chance at a happy life, so be prepared to give them what THEY need, not what you need.  

Email your completed application to

Meet Duke, aka: Filou!  He was our first puppy to go through our Head Start Program.  We got Duke at 14 weeks old.  He was abandoned with his sister in a parking structure of a local casino, then rescued by The Ark of San Juan, who allowed us the pleasure of giving this darling boy a head start in his young life. 

Our Inspiration...

Born in August 2018, these adorable pups will be ready for homes on 12/24/18