Rates & Services

Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.​

How is balance achieved?

By providing calm-assertive leadership, regular exercise that matches the dog's energy level, boundaries and limitations, and positive reinforcement for good behavior only!  Love is a part of all of the above...


Private Lessons
(In-Camp or In-Home)

In-Camp    In-Home
  $100            $125                 Individual 1 Hour Training Session

  $540          $700                Basic Obedience, Beginning or Advanced, 6 sessions, 1 dog  

  $810         $1,012                 Basic Obedience, Beginning or Advanced, 6 sessions,  2 dogs

  $285          $355                 Basic Obedience, Training Refresher, 3 sessions, 1 dog 

                                                 (prerequisite, Basic Obedience, Beg) 

  $435         $575                  Basic Obedience, Training Refresher, 3 sessions, 2 dogs 
                                                 (prerequisite, Basic Obedience, Beg)  

  consult trainer                  Behavior Modification

                                                 (subject to trainer qualification and severity of behavior issues) 

(prices do not include boarding, discount packages available for boarding)

           $100                                   Individual Training  in camp while boarding

           $540                                   Basic or Advanced Obedience while boarding, one dog (includes                                                                      one-on-one with trainer, 6 sessions)

       $1,000                                   Basic or Advanced Obedience while boarding, two dogs (includes                                                                    one-on-one with trainer, 6 sessions)
           $760                                   10 Day Head Start while boarding + 2 Private Lessons In-Home

                                                         (Basic Obedience Only, 6 sessions) 

  consult trainer                          Behavior Modification with Basic Obedience + 2 Private Lessons                                                                       (Private Lessons are In-Home once training is complete)      

  consult trainer                           Behavior Modification + 2 Private Lessons In-Home   

a balanced dog is a happy dog!

 All training services are catered to each family's needs and can vary depending on your situation.

Obedience Training

Donny Douglass, Trainer

Donny has been an animal lover and owner from the day he was born!  He grew up in La Habra Heights, CA, on a large property with horses, dogs, cats, birds, and chickens with his sister, Lori (owner of Two Paws Up).  His grandparents were both animal lovers and taught both Donny and Lori how to treat, take care of, and understand dogs at their basic level.  

In 2011, Donny and Lori, along with Lori's grown sons, moved to Valley Center, CA and opened a dog boarding & behavior rehab center, primarily dealing with rescue dogs that were un-adoptable due to behavior issues.  This daily  exposure working with dogs and their different level of problems, paved the way for Donny to see that he had a natural gift and understanding of dogs.  His strong yet calm demeanor instills trust in all dogs, and his patience and training allows him to adjust to each dog and their needs during training.  

Donny is a master at teaching dogs to walk on leash properly.  His leadership skills give any dog the confidence and assurance that Donny is in control, which gives the dogs a chance to relax and enjoy their walk.  Showing leadership during leashed walks is crucial to a successful and enjoyable walk for both you and your dog(s).​

(prices do not include day camp, discount packages available for day camp)

           $100                                 Individual training while attending 1 half day or full day of day camp                            
           $540                                 Basic Obedience (3 weeks, 2 x/wk, non consecutive-days)

                                                       Beginning or Advanced 

          $540                                 Puppy Obedience up to 1 yr old (3 weeks, 2 x/wk non-consecutive                                                               days) Beginning or Advanced

  consult trainer                       Minor Behavior Modification while at day camp