Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their human families peace of mind while they are away from them.‚Äč

Our FEATURE Attraction!  Always supervised, our experienced employees will monitor your dog's swim time, including individual swim lessons for dogs who haven't learned to swim.  A great way to keep cool and drain excess energy!

We are a truly cage-free facility.  All dogs are temperament tested prior to staying with us.  Our staff is well trained in dog behavior and we will take many dogs that other facilities won't because we are willing to spend the time necessary to allow your dog to acclimate to our environment.  Not all dogs are comfortable in a pack of dogs, and if they are not aggressive as a general rule, then we will give your dog a chance to learn how to be comfortable in a pack environment.  We are NEVER breed selective!  Some dogs are very social, have never been mistreated, and have no problem around other dogs and people...others have come from an unknown or abusive background, or have, for some reason, learned to distrust humans and/or other dogs.  We have a true understanding of dog breeds, the affects life can have, and believe that most dogs can be part of our pack if given the proper leadership, guidance, and training.  

Boarding & Day Camp